20 July 2012 ZenDice updated with new graphics and minor fixes to achievements.

19 July 2012 ZenDiceFree for Android updated with new graphics for big-screen phones.

1 March 2012 ZenDiceFree for Android updated to 1.9.02.

29 July 2011 ZenDice HD 1.0 for Android tablets released.

26 June 2011 ZenDice 1.9 for Android released.

5 June 2011 ZenDice 1.8.1 for Android released.

3 June 2011 There is currently no free version of ZenDice available for Android and iPhone. Hopefully a new and updated version will be available later this summer. The new paid version for android is beeing tested and will be published soon.

December 2010 After complains from Hasbro, SuperYatzy changed name to ZenDice.

21-November 2010 SuperYatzy for android renamed to ZenDice and upgraded to 1.7.2

18 November 2010 One-Eyed Jack HD for iPad in review.

04 October 2010 SuperYatzy HD for iPad released.

27 September 2010 SuperYatzy trail for iPhone updated to 1.5.1.

27 September 2010 SuperYatzy free edition for android updated to 1.7.

01 September 2010 Paid version of SuperYatzy for android released (1.7).

07 August 2010 An update for superyatzy on all devices featuring a tweaked computer-player, some new graphics and a new trophy-icon for the final-score and highscore screen is comming soon. This release also updates the Android version to have all the rule variations from the iPhone version.

03 August 2010 SuperYatzyHD available on iTunes. The trail version is having some problems getting accepted. No ETA yet. UPDATE: It might take a while to get the App aproved.

17 July 2010 SuperYatzy for android and iPhone updated. The iPad version of SuperYatzy released. Android version has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

06 July 2010 SuperYatzy 1.3 in review for iPhone. Upgraded gameenging and new rule variation NordicClassic. Ads when you are not playing in the trail version of the game.

27 June 2010 SuperYatzy 1.52 released for Android. Upgraded gameengine and new rule variation BonusScore. Ads when you are not playing.

27 May 2010 SuperYatzy 1.1 and Trail released on iTunes.

20 May 2010 SyperYatzy trail for IPhone released and waiting for review

20 May 2010 SuperYatzy for IPhone updated with new rule variations and waiting for review

22 December 2009 Gameplay video for SuperYatzy on youtube

9 December 2009 SuperYatzy for android updated to support QVGA (HTC Tattoo)

9 December 2009 SuperYatzy for IPhone released on iTunes

3 December 2009 Website updated

28 November 2009 Superyatzy for IPhone <del>waiting for review</del> in review

16 August 2009 Superyatzy released for Android

6 July 2009 Spiderette released for Android